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The Japanese Classification Society is a member of the existing International Federation of Classification Societies (IFCS) since 1985.

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Past issues of IFCS Newsletter are available from IFCS site.


IFCS supports following two journals: Journal of Classification (JoC), Advances in Data Analysis and Classification (ADAC). ADAC is particularly funded by the Japanese, Italian, and German Classification Societies (JCS, CLADAG, GfKl). Further details can be obtain in Journals page.


Conference Date Place Web
IFCS-2013 2013.07.14-17 Tilburg, The Netherlands web
IFCS-2011 2011.08.30 Frankfurt, Germany web
IFCS-2009 2009.03.13-18 Dresden, Germany web
IFCS-2006 2006.07.25-29 Ljubljana, Slovenia web
IFCS-2004 2004.07.15-18 Chicago, Illinois web
IFCS-2002 2002.07.16-19 Cracow, Poland web
IFCS-2000 2000.07.11-14 Namur, Belgium  
IFCS-98 1998.07.21-24 Rome, Italy  
IFCS-96 1996.03.27-30 Kobe, Japan  
IFCS-93 1993.08.31-09.04 Paris, France  
IFCS-91 1991.08.06-09 Edinburgh, Scotland  
IFCS-89 1989.06.27-30 Charlottesville, USA  
IFCS-87 1987.06.29-07.01 Aachen, Germany